Spectrum – Total On-the-Go Body Relief

$99.00 USD

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Cramps, Knots, and Tension Travel with You.

Your Massage Gun Should Too.

Picture this… you’ve just finished a grueling workout session. Your blood is pumping. Your muscles are exhausted, stiff and sore. As you finally catch your breath, you think to yourself… “I’d do ANYTHING for a massage right about now”.

Regular Bulky Massage Guns Weren’t

Designed for Our On-The-Go World, But Spectrum Mini Massage Gun Is…

Introducing Polaryak Spectrum Mini Massage Gun

Spectrum is the most compact massage gun ever created. Stylish and smaller than an iPhone, Spectrum is feather-light, whisper-quiet and fits in your pocket.

Spectrum combines power and size to relieve muscle pain and stiffness, increase blood and lymphatic flow, and accelerate recovery

13.9 cm in length only, spectrum is smaller than an iPhone.

At just 485 grams (~1 pound), Spectrum is feather-light and effortless to carry

Built with second-generation Silent Pulse Technology, Spectrum is near-silent at just 45 decibels

Octagon handle -  Ergonomically design for easy gripping, anti-slip and protect your wrist from fatigue by prolonged use

Five stylish & colors for every personality

Compatible with USB-C fast charging, say goodbye to AC adaptors