Black Ember V4M Pack

$272.00 USD

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The V4M pack includes a modular interior equip with an eight mag-lock mod-panel. Instantly attach and detach MODs from your pack. The V4M is travel ready and sized for international carry-on. From DSLR gear to travel essentials, select your modular cube, pack it with gear, then instantly secure the cubes inside your V4M as you hear the satisfying “kachunk”of the mag-locks locking your gear in place.

Each time you travel with your V4M modify your setup to suit the occasion. Choose your MODs according to your carry needs, pack them up, load them in, and your gear is well organized, protected and comfortably on your back. The MODs connect to the inside of the your pack with unique magnetic locking mechanisms that stay locked until you release them.

The V4M is the V4 in its most modular form. Customize your pack setup uniquely for every adventure or even keep MODs pre-packed with gear to be instantly attached on the fly.

The V4M features the latest revision to our 3D shoulder harness. This adjustable ultra-comfort suspension keeps you comfortable all day with heavy loads. The straps can also tuck away for efficient transport as well as briefcase style carry. The 3D shoulder harness is adjustable for height and includes a removable sternum strap.

*Keep two handles on your pack at all times for efficient transport in briefcase style carry. Please purchase side handle and waist belt separately.