ÖGON Quilted Lady Bag

$228.00 USD

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ÖGON Designs products are made with “premium” quality materials. We source high quality materials from all over the world. The leather used for the Cascade Wallet is genuine leather from Italy. The products made of carbon fiber are made in France, by a company specialized in aeronautic grade carbon fiber. All the products are then assembled at the facility located in Normandy (France).

Every ÖGON product, due to their aluminium cover, act like small Faraday cages. They stop magnetic waves and protect cards against demagnetization. All ÖGON models are certified “RFID Safe” because by blocking radio waves, they prevent any chance of unauthorized scanning of your cards or access to your personal information. All ÖGON models protect your credit cards from hackers.


The Ögon Quilted Lady Bag is the ultimate bag for the modern and trendy woman of today. This purse in fancy colors offers plenty of room for your belongings. This bag is made of super strong aluminium, can be closed with a zipper and is extremely practical and elegant.


ÖGON Quilted Lady Bags are designed to hold minimum 7 to 24 cards and papers. The capacity depends on the models, the thickness of the cards. If you have difficulty closing your product, it is because it is too full. Do not force it closed.